Buses remain least among 90,000 vehicles registered

Myanmar’s Road Transport Administration reported that  it had registered nearly 90,000 vehicles as of May 16 but public transport buses remain in short supply.

Myanmar, which was previously banned automobile import for decades, started an old car replacement programme in September 2011 as the authorities recalled 20-year-and-above old vehicles in the country, and issued a slip to their owners for applying a car import license.

Over hundred thousand of cars were imported, raising millions of dollars for the State revenue. However, imported buses in the programme account for only 1.66 percent of the total vehicles registered at the RTA.

Total 82,501 personal cars, 3,865 trucks and 1,461 public transport vehicles have been registered, according to the RTA’s statistics.

Observers said the influx of automobiles led to heavy traffic jams in its commercial city Yangon, one of the most populous cities in Myanmar. It worsened the current poor public transportation system, they said. They criticized the authorities for their failure to encourage bus import and upgrade the transport system.

Meanwhile, the government has streamlined vehicle registration process. The transport department previously took 3 weeks to complete the registration of imported vehicles. They however need only 2 weeks now.