Ecotourism zone, hotel zone and religious zone to build in Mon State

Ecotourism zone, heritage zone and hotel zone will be established in the Mottama mountain ranges in Mon State, according to Dr. Min Nwe Soe of the Mon State Minister on June 11.

“The ancient city, Mottamawari, has beautiful scenery and unique attractions for tourists,” experts told a ecotourism workshop in Mottama.

There are many things to study out of the city’s wall. Moreover, Mottama mountain range is not too high and therefore, it is suitable place to develop hotels.

Maesot-Mawlamyine direct flight will be launched in this September. Mottama will be the key route for Mawlamyine-Kyaikhteeyoe.

“History says it was a place where a Thai princess settled down with a Mon merchant. So it could attract visitors from Thailand. Plus, historic sites like Dhammaadei and temples could bring more historians for their interest,” Dr.Min Nwe Soe continued.

Mottama hotel zone is making preparation works on building hotels on the mountain range, and inscribing in Myanmar and English languages on billboards about the history of the places of interest. Respective departments such as Hotels and Tourism, City Development Committee, Health and Fire Brigade are helping business men who want to construct hotels, motels and inns in carrying out their work.

Moreover, there are holding of workshops and seminars on booming of tourism industry and implementing the outcome, planning on drawing of Tourism master plan in Mon state and arrangements on legislation for the Mon State coordinating with the Union Department of Hotels and Tourism is undertaking at present.