Vodafone and China Mobile quit from proposal list

A joint venture company of Vodafone and China Mobile pulled themselves off the operator tender proposal list, according to reports.The Telecommunication Operator Tender Evaluation and Selection Committee have chosen 12 companies from local and overseas to compete for the remaining two operators places.
Vodafone and China Mobile made a joint venture company to submit a proposal. But according to reports, they have announced that they will not be offering the funding which is the final step in tender process.
They revealed that after they look at the final requirements issued in May 20 by the committee, and calculated the opportunities and concluded that it would not matched with investment norms.
Although the Vodafone and China Mobile have pulled out, eleven companies including France Telecom Orange, Telenor from Norway, Singtel from Singapore and other famous companies in telecommunication sector are yet to compete the final step.