Govt plans to reduce poverty to 16% by 2015

Dwellers in rural and urban areas have to take out loans with big interest for their business and they are still living in the cycle of poverty, President Thein Sein addressed at a ceremony on “Rural Development and Socio-economic Improvement” held in Mandalay yesterday.

Yangon soon to be metropolis

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Myanmar’s government is making preparation to accommodate the growing number of population in Yangon and seeking inputs from the international and local community in making the transition as the city is expected to house about 10 million people in the near future.

Yangon posed to grow into mega city by 2040

Myanmar’s largest city is on track to become a “mega city” by 2040, according to speakers at the Urban Development Conference in Yangon’s Traders Hotel on May 6.

Foreigners await condominium law to buy apartments

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Foreigners are waiting for Parliament to pass the condominium law as they are more interested in buying condo and apartments compared to other types of accmmodations in Myanmar, according to the construction companies in Yangon.

Yangon to develop housing projects in new townships

New housing projects are underway in the less-populated new townships of Yangon, according to the regional government.