Shan regional govt to take over Nyaung Shwe Palace

The Ministry of Culture will hand over the 100-year palace of the last fuedal lord of Nyaung Shwe in southern Shan State to Shan regional government.

“[We] had planned to take over Nyaung Shwe Haw (Palace) at the first week of May, but it hasn’t been handed over to us yet. I don’t know when it will be handed over,” an official from the Shan regional government said on Wednesday.

Local residents say the palace will likely be reopened as a cultural museum after going under renovation.

Modeled after the Mandalay Palace and ancient Shan palaces, the palace was built by Nyaung Shwe Sawbwa (Chief) Sir Sao Maung in 1913 and finished in 1923. Although it cost 300,000 kyats, some parts of the building remains half-completed.

The palace hold a great significance in history as it was where General Aung San and the ethnic leaders held a meeting to decide whether they should sign the Panglong Agreement in 1947, a year before the country regained its independence from the British colonists.

It is one of the tourist attractions of Nyaung Shwe, the entrance town to the north of the Inle Lake.