Myanmar’s first data center to come within a year: officials

Myanmar’s MICTDC is planning to set up a data center, the first of its kind in the country, from a joint venture with Japan’s Hitachi Company, the officials say. The MICTDC, or Myanmar Information and Communication Technology Development Company, is a local company that has been working in the country’s IT sector since 2001.
The center will be established within a year at MICT Park in Yangon, the commercial hub of the country.
“Although the construction work for the center is yet to be started, the plan will be put into action sooner. It will be built in “Phase 1” compound of the park at an estimated cost of US$10 to 15,” said Khun Oo, a top-ranking official from MICTDC.
The center is expected to be completed before April 2014.
Hitachi is a Japanese company established in 1910 with a lot of experiences in building data centers in the country.
The data centers are required especially for banks, insurance companies and other companies to keep their important data and information secured.
Nowadays portable data centers are also on the market. Uninterrupted power supply is required for the data centers